Senzaway Tooth Desensitizing Gel .008Z

Brand: Majestic
Item#: 010705400456



One multi-use vial 0.008 fl oz (.25 ml) plus 2 reusable brushes. 1 treatment lasts at least 3 months. Instant relief for sensitive teeth. D.O.C.: Dentist on call. New! Multi-use vial. From the makers of Dentemp. Dentist developed. Clinically proven. Relie

Distilled Water, Potassium Binoxalate, Nitric Acid, Carbopol.

Caution: For dental hypersensitivity only. Not for treatment of toothache, or any other pain in the mouth such as canker sores, cuts or wounds, gum irritation (gingivitis), mouth ulcers, tooth fractures or abscesses. If SenzAway does not relieve sensitivi

Directions inside — Read thoroughly and carefully before using.

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