Harmon Face Values Speed 3 Disposable Razor 1 Count

Brand: Harmon Face Values
Item#: 024500191839



With aloe & vitamin E. Compare ours to Schick Xtreme 3 (Schick and Xtreme 3 are registered trademarks of the Eveready Battery Company, Inc. Harmon Stores, Inc. is not affiliated with the Eveready Battery Company, Inc.). Convenience: No blade changing! Closeness: Three blades provide an ultra-close shave, while pivoting action adjusts to the contours of your skin. Comfort: Ergonomic handle design for comfort and control. Rubber grips provide superior control even when wet. The vitamin E and aloe lubricating strip reduces razor drag and irritation. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Remove transparent blade shield by lifting up on the razor. Avoid touching blades. Save shield for storage and disposal.

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