Premier Speed Shine Instant Shoe Shine

Brand: Premier
Item#: 034197003148



For any color shoe. One-step applicator sponge. Great for office or travel. Countless shines. The original! One step shine! Quick, easy to use. Dries in seconds. Premier Speed Shine cleans and shines any color shoe in one easy application. There's no mess! Speed Shine is convenient! Keep one at home and another at work. Always have a bright, long-lasting shine close at hand! Conditions your shoes with silicone, mink oil and lemon. There's no mess! Made in USA.

Do not use on suede, napped finishes or untanned leather. Some colors may darken slightly. If ingested, contact a Poison Control Center.

Simple wipe the convenient Speed Shine applicator lightly over each shoe, sponge side down.

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