Harmon Face Values Flexskin Padding

Brand: Harmon Face Values
Item#: 034197013161



2 trim-to-fit sheets: 4-5/8 inch x 3-3/8 inch (117.47 mm x 85.72 mm). Flexible and stretchy grip foam. Provides support while sustaining full range of motion. Self-stick, strong adhesive stays in place. Moisture resistant. Visit Us at: www.facevalues.com.

Do not apply directly on top of blister or broken skin. Diabetics and those with poor circulation should consult a physician before using this product.

Wash and dry desired area thoroughly. Carefully use sharp scissors to cut Flexi-Skin padding into desired shape. Peel away backing and apply to intended area. Also may be applied directly to inner shoe to reduce irritation and increase comfort.

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