Old Spice Spray Pure Sport 3.8 oz

Brand: Old Spice
Item#: 037000729747



For Xtra Protection every day of the month! Always Xtra Protection Liners keep you 5X drier.* Always Xtra Protection Liners help you feel clean and comfortable, thanks to an extra-absorbent LeakGuard Core + RapidDry. Always Xtra Protection Pantiliners with Odor-Lock are designed with advanced odor neutralizers. The inner layer pulls fluid quickly into the core, helping to lock it away and keep you dry. For feminine protection you can trust every day of the month, try Always Xtra Protection Pantiliners. *Vs. Always Thin.

Also use Always Pads. From periods to spotting to urine leaks to discharge, no matter what your feminine hygiene needs, Always has you covered!

Odor-Lock neutralizes odor for hours, so all they'll notice is your confidence

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