ibd 5 Second Brush On Glue 6 g

Brand: ibd
Item#: 039013125042



5 Second Brush On Nail Glue is easy to apply because it goes on just like a nail polish, while the glue bonds instantly for fast results.

Ethyl Cyanoacrylate.

Eye irritant. Avoid contact with eye mouth and skin. Do not use in the area of the eye. Eye irritant. Bonds skin instantly. When opening, point tube away from face, eyes and the body. If eye contact occurs, flush with water only and get medical attention immediately. If skin bonding occurs, peel, do not pull; soak in acetone or polish remover containing acetone if necessary. Keep glue off clothing as glue may burn underlying skin. Use in well-ventilated area. See instructions for detailed warnings and first aid procedures. Keep out of reach of children.

Important: Read instructions before starting & protect working surface from spills. For Best Results: Always start with clean, dry, polish-free nails. For Nail Tips and Full Cover Nails: 1. Apply a thin, even coat of glue to the overlap of nail tip or the natural nail. 2. Apply slight pressure to hold the nail in position. Hold 5-10 seconds. For Repairs: 1. Apply a single drop directly on split, broken, or soft nail. 2. Apply slight pressure to hold nail in position. Hold 5-10 seconds. 3. Let sit for 45 seconds or more. Gently file or buff until smooth. Removal: Use 5 Second Glue and Nail Remover or acetone polish remover. Do not break or peel off nails as this may damage your own nails.

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