Listerine Access Flosser Refill 28 count

Brand: Listerine
Item#: 012547440195



Listerine Ultraclean Access Flosser Refill easily gets to 100% of hard to reach places.The heads are disposable and easily snap onto the Access Flosser handle for a fresh and hygienic cleaning experience each time you floss.

Choking Hazard - Small parts. Keep out of reach of children under 6.

Use: Move floss up and down against each tooth. Clean below gum line. Rinse floss as needed. Replace head only. Snap Off: Place handle on hard surface. Put finger on neck of handle. Press down gently to release. Snap On: With floss facing up, insert handle with Listerine side up through the center of the head. Align notches and push down to snap in place.

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