Core Values Kinesiology Tape Black 20 Count

Brand: Core Values
Item#: 017276232127



For support. A sports tape that supports muscles and joints. Compare to KT Tape (This product is not manufactured by KT Health, makers of KT Tape). Helps reduce muscle pain. Increases mobility. A sports tape that supports muscles and joints. Helps reduce muscle pain. Supports muscles & joints. Increases mobility. Visit us at: Satisfaction guaranteed on your money back. Benefits: helps reduce muscle pain; increases mobility; supports muscles and joints; for common sports injuries; easy to apply; wear up to 3 days; water resistant - can be worn in shower or pool; lightweight; comfortable & breathable. Made in China.


Do not use if you have been diagnosed with cancer. Do not use on abdomen if you are pregnant. If pain persists or skin becomes irritated or sore, discontinue use and consult a healthcare professional Not clinically proven for all applications. This product is not intended to replace professional medical treatment.

Clean area and apply before exercise. Tear backing 2-3 inches from end of tape and remove from end of tape and remove from end of tape only. Without stretching the tape, anchor the end of the tape to the skin and rub to activate adhesive. Stretch the center of the tape over the desired area. Anchor the final 2 inches of the tape to your skin without stretching. To remove, gently pull the tape off in same direction as the hair; use baby oil if necessary. Single use.


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