Core Values Clear Fast Healing 15 Count

Brand: Core Values
Item#: 017276232141



3/4 in x 2.83 in (19 mm x 72 mm). Sterile bandages. Promotes up to 2X faster healing (The hydrocolloid pad within this product has been shown to heal minor cuts, scrapes, abrasions, lacerations, blisters and scalds up to 2x faster than a simple dry bandage. Journal of Athletic Training 2007;42(3):422-424). Smart-Heal technology. Heals up to 2X faster. Helps reduce scarring (Moist wound environment facilitates the healing process & helps reduce scarring). Waterproof film. Multi-day use. Drug-free pain relief (By cushioning & protecting the wound from friction and rubbing). Pad absorbs small amounts of wound exudate which might cause a white appearance. Bandage is designed for multi-day use. Healing indicator shows you when Smart-Heal Technology is activated (A white appearance may occur when Smart-Heal Technology is activated). Not made with natural rubber latex. Visit us at: Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. Made in China.


For external use only. Do not use if you are allergic to the dressing or any of its components. Avoid contact with eyes or other mucous membranes. Do not use if you are a diabetic with pool circulation or have fragile skin. For deep cuts, puncture wounds, animal bites or serious burns, consult a physician. Do not use on any infected area. If redness or swelling occurs, discontinue use and consult a physician. Do not use on children under 2 years of age. Sterile unless wrapper is opened or damaged.

When minor bleeding subsides, clean and dry the affected area before applying the bandage. Peel away liner and place the bandage over the affected area. Keep bandage over area to be protected for as long as it remains in place. If leakage around the bandage should occur, change bandage as needed. Pad stay on skin when removing the bandage. If this occurs, remove pad by loosening edge and gently pulling strip sideways to release seal. Do not reapply after removal. Single use. Product is designed to fall off on its own. 3-Step Protection: 1. Clean affected area with mild soap and water. 2. Allow area to dry. 3. Apply bandage to dry skin with pad directly over wound. Bandage is designed for multi-day use.

For use on minor cuts, scrapes, abrasions, lacerations, blisters and scalds.

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