Travelon Waterproof Pouch

Brand: Travelon
Item#: 025732013517



Holds up to iPhone 7 Plus & Galaxy Note 7. Simple Self Seal+. It floats! Water proof. Submersible to 65 ft (2 m) for 3 minutes, !PX8 Certified. Recyclable. Easy, Seal-Seal+ closure is air and Touch screen access. Take photos. Watertight. Foam insert allows pouch to float on water's surface. Touch screen and controls are fully functional through pouch. Take photos through transparent window on back. Waterproof to 2 meter (65 feet) for 3 minutes, IPX8 certified. Removable carry strap. Made in China.

How to Seal: Note: Always dry the interior of the pouch and sealing area before each use. Once opened, moisture can enter pouch. Pouch must be dried before each use. Examine pouch before each use for punctures or tears. Always insert and remove electronics when pouch is at room temperature. 1. Open pouch and remove all packing materials. 2. Remove phone from exterior protective case. Insert phone over pillow insert with camera facing clear back panel. 3. Place pouch on a flat surface. Place both hands firmly on the closed end on the pouch and on the phone. While maintaining firm pressure with one hand, swipe your other hand over the pouch and phone toward the opening, removing 6% of the air from the insert. This will create a vacuum seal. 4. Wait 5 minutes. If the insert has not taken on air and the foam has not expanded, roll the top and secure the hook and loop. If the insert has taken on air, repeat step 3 and 4. If the insert continues to take on air, do not use! Return to retailer or contact To ensure proper sealing, watch the video at: See insert for more detail.

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