Arm & Hammer Liquid Laundry 2X Concentrate Clean Burst 50 oz

Brand: Arm & Hammer
Item#: 033200099901



Arm and Hammer Liquid Laundry Detergent in Clean Burst cleans and refreshes your laundry with the power of baking soda. It's designed to power out dirt and odors making your clothes look clean and smell fresh.

Includes Biodegradable Surfactants (Anionic and Nonionic), Arm & Hammer Baking Soda, Water Softener, Soil Anti-Redeposition Agent, Optical Brightener, Perfume and Colorant.

Eye irritant. Harmful if swallowed. Keep out of reach of children. In case of eye contact, flush immediately with water. If swallowed, drink a glass of water. In either case, call a physician. If on skin, rinse thoroughly with water.

Fill to line for small or medium loads. Use more for large of heavily soiled loads.

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