Oral-B Glide Gum Care Floss Picks 60 Ct

Brand: Oral-B
Item#: 037000792437



Oral-B Glide Gum Care Floss Picks with tension control technology clean below the gum line, remove plaque and help reverse gingivitis.† Shred resistant floss slides up to 50% more easily in tight spaces.* Satisfaction guaranteed.** #1 DENTIST RECOMMENDED BRAND †Glide Gum Care - helps protect against Gingivitis, Cavities and Bad Breath as part of a comprehensive dental program. *vs. regular floss **For guarantee, call 1-877-769-8791 within 60 days of purchase with UPC and receipt to receive a pre-paid card in the amount of the purchase.

Adult supervision recommended for children under 10. Gums may bleed the first few times you floss. If bleeding persists or gums remain red and swollen, see your dentist. Dispose of floss pick after use.

Flossing Instructions: Squeeze to tension floss, allowing it to slide easily between teeth. Release squeeze to allow floss to reach more tooth surface. Move floss up and down against tooth to help remove plaque and food particles above and below the gumline. Rinse floss as necessary (repeat for each tooth). Pick Instructions: Place tip of pick between teeth at the gumline. Use a gentle in and out motion to help remove plaque and food particles and stimulate gums. Rinse as necessary.

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