Wonder Wedge 100 Count Cosmetic Wedge Applicators

Brand: Wonder Wedge
Item#: 038389060001



100% latex free synthetic formula. Naturally hypoallergenic. Biodegradable. Super value. Foundation. Eye shadow. Blusher. Wonder Wedge is a high quality make up sponge. Excellent for applying foundation make up, eye shadow, liquid and cream blushers and covers up creams. They have the shape and firmness to help you get to those hard to reach spots around the eyes and nose. The smoothness and absorbency that lets you blend your liquid make up to get the flawless natural look. Great for touch-ups. Sensational for cleaning up mascara runs, make up smudges or covering dark circles around eyes. Bio degradable. Non toxic. Anti-bacterial. Made in USA.

Caution: This bag is not a toy. Keep it and all plastics bags away from children.

Hints for Use: For eye shadow and powder use dry. For liquid make up moisten and squeeze out excess water. Use longest side of wedge for foundation make up: blend upward from neck to hair line. Use tip of wedge for eyeshadow stroking from center of lid outward. The tip of the wedge is also used to pat on the smooth cover-up cream under the eyes or over blemishes. When applying blusher use the thickest part of the wedge and diagonal strokes toward the hairline.

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