Travel Smart Converter/Adapter Combo

Brand: Travel Smart
Item#: 039052009228



With surge protection. 2 Modes: Adapter only or adapter/converter combo. For use with US appliances (110/120 V) overseas. Converts foreign electricity (220/240 V) to 110/120 V. Easy-to-use all in one adapter fits electrical outlets in most commonly visite

Important: Please read complete instructions before using this converter. This converter should only be used for short periods of time. Do not use this converter with consumer electronics or appliances with electronic controls. Check appliance for single

How it Works: Mode 1: Adapter only. Plug dual-voltage appliances into adapter and then into foreign wall outlet. Mode 2: Adapter & converter combo. Plug your appliance rated up to 1875 W into converter and select the correct foreign outlet plug. Plug into

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