Odor Eaters Soft & Slim Insoles 2 Count

Brand: Odor Eaters
Item#: 041388007083



New! Designed specifically for women's shoes. Thinner for better fit in women's shoes. Soft texture for bare feet or stockings. Neutralizes & controls odor & wetness. Helps protect shoes. Fits up to size 12. These thin, soft-touch insoles fit discretely into any shoe style and are comfortable to wear with or without socks. The thin design cushions without crowding and helps protect both feet and shoes from odor and wetness. Destroys odor. Absorbs perspiration. Protect shoes. Soft & Slim Insoles are specifically designed for women. Satisfaction guaranteed.

1. Select size on bottom of insoles. 2. Trim insoles along guidelines with sharp scissors. 3. Place into shoes with cloth side up.

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