Goody Velcro Roller Medium 6 Pack

Brand: Goody
Item#: 041457676790



For whenever you need a lift, Goody Medium Velcro Rollers are perfect for creating volume at the crown for short to medium hair. These self-holding rollers do not need any pins and are easy to use.

Begin all sets with clean hair. For maximum volume, leave hair damp and apply volumizing product. Roll hair ends tightly around roller and continue rolling toward your head. For more volume, roll hair vertically to scalp. When finished, use heat from a blow dryer until hair is blown dry. For longer lasting curls, finish with cool air. To prevent tangling, unroll rollers slowly from hair. Finish your style using a Goody brush, comb or lift. Hints: For an extra volume boost, prepare your hair with volumizing gel, add heat and spritz. For long or thick hair, use bobby pins to secure roller in place.

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