Harmon Face Values Personal Care Travel Kit 5 Piece

Brand: Harmon Face Values
Item#: 071603123397



Harmon Face Values Family 5-Piece Grooming Kit is the perfect nail care kit for the whole family. Includes 5 tools to cut, smooth and shape your nails.

Keep out of reach of children. These products are not intended for use by children. In case of circulatory impairment or diabetes, contact your physician prior to use.

For Use: Fingernail Clipper: Ideally, nails should be cut when wet for smoother edges. Cut fingernails into an oval shape and to a length which suits your preference. Cuticle Stick: Soak fingertips in warm, sudsy water to render cuticles soft and pliable. Push cuticle back into a square shape with the blunt end of cuticle stick. The pointed end may be used to clean under the nail edge. Emery Board: Hold board at an angle and file in one direction only. Use boards also for shaping and maintaining tips and edges of artificial and acrylic nails. Toenail Clipper: Ideally, toenails should be cut when wet to prevent cracking and breaking. Place clipper along toenail edge, being careful not to cut nails shorter than tips of toes for maximum safety and comfort. Tweezers: Grasp a single strand of hair, as close to the base as possible, and gently pull out in the direction in which the hair grows.

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