Earth Therapeutics Anti-Stress Sinus Pillow

Brand: Earth Therapeutics
Item#: 073377091780



Mind-body therapy. Microwaveable. Soft plush. With adjustable elastic head strap. For the hot and cold relief of tension and stress. Warm: Use warm over the forehead to soothe and relieve sinuses and tension headaches. Cool: Use cool to soothe tired, strained, purify eyes. Spa solutions. Health wellness. Ecology: Good for the earth. Good for you. PET. Save recycle. Used and recommended by professional spas and salons. This sinus pillow is designed to calm and comfort both the body and the mind. Ergonomically designed with an adjustable head strap, the anti-stress sinus pillow enfolds you in its comforting embrace to relax and soothe. A luxuriously soft, plush polyfleece outer shell pampers and coddles - while the gentle, caressing weight of the pillow does wonders to relieve tension and stress. Use cool to soothe tired, strained, puffy eyes. This sinus pillow is made up of a cover and removable insert. From time to time, it is a good idea to wash the cover of the pillow. The cover is soft, plush polyfleece and is machine washable. However, make sure to remove the insert before putting the cover into the wash. Safe + effective. Hypo-allergenic. Contents are non-toxic. True to life. Product of China.

Please Note: The regular and continuous microwaving of this product over an extended period of time may dry out and diminish the effectiveness of its contents. To ensure proper performance and safety, discard this product after 6 months of use and replace with a new one. People with diabetes, circulatory diseases, or decreased skin sensitivity should seek medical advice before using.

Microwave in 30 second intervals - not to exceed 1 (one) minute total heating time. Microwave in 30 second intervals - to prevent burning, total heating time should not exceed 1 (one) minute per use. (Due to variations in microwaves, it may be necessary to adjust the temperature setting.) Gently placed over the forehead and temples, the heated pillow will provide a soothing, moist warmth to relax tense facial muscles, and open up blocked sinus passages. [After each 30 second interval, make sure to stop the microwave, touch and check the pillow temperature (for at least 5 seconds) to make sure it does not burn. Do not leave the Sinus Pillow unattended in the microwave]. Microwaved pillow may actually be much hotter inside than indicated by initial touch - so handle with care - and make sure not to microwave past the 1 (one) minute total heating time limit per use. Always test for hot spots and overall temperature before use. Caution: Do not use a heated pillow over the eyes (When using over the eyes, only use the pillow cool or non-heated). To cool the pillow, place in a clean, sealed bag and leave in the freezer overnight. This item can be kept in the freezer until needed. After cooling, lie down, breathe easy, and place the pillow gently over the eyes. The pillow will flow naturally and weight comfortably over the contours of the eyes and face. Use while resting, napping, meditating, or right before bed time. This pillow will comfort eye strain and induce a feeling of calm to both the body and the mind. Care Hints: Before use, read the caution label that is attached to the pillow completely. Do not remove the caution label.

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