Harmon Face Values One Week Plus Today Large Deluxe Pillbox

Brand: Harmon Face Values
Item#: 079573108598



With removable compartments for daily use! Easy to organize! Great for medications & vitamins. Including medical information card. Easily organizes medication. 4 daily compartments: morning, noon, evening, bedtime. Our weekly pill organizer is the perfect medication compliance tool. It features removable daily pill boxes labeled for morning, noon, evening and bedtime. A great solution for short trips from home. Easy to use! Each compartment can hold up to 30 small pills and is translucent so that patients do not have to open the compartments to make sure that they remembered to take their medication. This is the ideal pill box for family members that want to plan their loved ones medication. Using this easy system of medication compliance quickly answers the question, did I, or did I not take my medication? Mounts easily to any wall to keep out of reach of children. Convenient medication scheduling card makes taking medicine easy and safe. Recommended by healthcare professionals for elderly medication programs. Visit us at: www.facevalues.com. Harmon satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. Made in China.

Keep out of reach of children.

Take medications & vitamins as prescribed. Wash prior to first use with soap and warm water, rinse well and allow to dry before using.

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