Supportables Bra Body/ Clothing Tape Dispensor

Brand: Supportables
Item#: 089348100900



Now you can secure deep plunging necklines and open-sided dresses, cuffs, hems, and unwanted gaps between buttons. Supportables Body/Clothing Tape is a must-have fashion accessory

Not intended for use on delicate fabrics.

Ready instructions before use. Important: Do not use on sun burned skin, skin disorders or open cuts. Anyone can develop a rash or blister. Remove if you experience a burning sensation. Adhesives may cause your skin to become lighter or darker. More prevalent in women with dark skin. Sensitivity Test: Use the product for 4 hours. If you experience burning irritation or discomfort remove at once. Application: Skin must be free from oils and powder. Position tapes in inside edge of clothing. Once tapes are in place, remove protective liners and press clothing to skin (or other clothing). Removal: When removing clothing, slowly pull garment away from skin. It is likely that the tapes will stick to your skin. Roll tape away from skin. Remove tapes from clothing before cleaning.

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