Evolution Memory Foam Neck Pillow Black

Brand: Evolution
Item#: 815158010081



1. 36 degrees head and chin support. 2. Ultra-responsive memory foam. 3. Removable/washable velour cover. 4. Included water repellant bag + ear plugs. 5. Media pouch for phone/MP3 player. Compacts to 1/4 its size! Included bag attaches to luggage. Head falls forward? Wear it backwards! Attachable Travel Bag: Compacts to 1/4 its size. Responsive Memory Foam: Offers high density support. Flattened Rear Cushion: Won’t push head forward. Raised Side Supports: Avoid head-bob & neck pain. Soft Velour Cover: removable/machine-washable. Media Pouch: for phone or MP3 player. Adjustable Sliding Toggles: custom fit to hold pillow in place. Memory Foam Earplugs: block out unwanted noise. Added Bonus!! Perfect for outdoor comfort. All new material consisting of polyurethane foam (1%). Certification is made by the manufacturer that the materials in this article are described in accordance with law. Federal Requirement: RN Covering: Cotton (8%), Polyester (2%). Recyclable packaging. Designed in USA. Made in China.

Cover: Cotton (8%), Polyester (2%), Foam: Polyurethane (1%)

Not recommended for ages under 13.

Care Instructions: Cover: Remove cover. Machine wash gentle, tumble dry low. Do not bleach or dry clean. Foam: Surface clean w/ moist cloth.

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